Sample Comments for Learning Summaries and Report Cards


Learning summaries should include strength-based comments focusing on the student as a learner and person, as well as their literacy and numeracy development.

These are provided as a starting point to guide teachers as they personalize comments to each student.

Continue to follow existing guidelines found here.

General Comments


  • The following summary of learning focuses on learning before Spring Break as well as a reduced set of literacy and numeracy standards that have been explored while engaging in remote teaching and learning due to the COVID-19 Pandemic after Spring Break. (If using this statement to provide context, please ensure that additional comments are also provided)


  • Although Harry has not engaged in the regular opportunities that have been presented I do appreciate you letting us know how he has engaged in daily reading and helping with cooking. I’d love to taste the cookies and bread. This experiential learning is important.


  • The proficiency scales on the opposite side are reflective of how Harry has done up to Spring Break.


  • I could tell from conversations with yourself and your parents how you took on responsibilities at home like reading to your siblings and helping them with projects like making hearts for the windows. This illustrates your social responsibility.


  • has shown diligence and dedication with all remote learning tasks.


  • With a busy household, name’s parents shared he often worked independently and completed tasks with little assistance.


  • proved capable of time management and demonstrated a dedication to the importance of being responsible for his own learning.


  • shared his learning electronically, regularly uploading evidence of his learning.


  • was willing to communicate with his teachers when needing assistance.


  • Throughout the weeks, name often participated in challenge work, thus, extending his learning.


  • Together, name and his family participated in many learning opportunities at home. Hiking, cooking and chores were just a few of the tasks name engaged in to explore math skills, responsibility, physical and mental well-being and healthy life choices.


  • ​Thank you for supporting your child’s remote learning during this time.


  • Never has it been more evident, that parents are our most important partners in their child’s learning continuum.


  • During this time of remote teaching and learning, there has not been enough evidence to determine _________’s learning after Spring Break. Marks are based on evidence collected before the suspension of classes.


  • _________ has been fully engaged during this time of remote teaching and learning.


  • _________ has made significant progress during this time of remote teaching and learning.


  • During this time of remote teaching and learning, __________ demonstrated significant growth in _____________ as demonstrated by ______________.




  • Hermione participated in a variety of mathematical learning experiences (Zoom lessons, online sites, answering questions, solving problems …).


  • listens carefully and expresses their mathematical thinking in our conversations.


  • has used their daily problem solving skills to think like a mathematician eg. Cooking.


  • has explored and demonstrated confidence with the many online math learning opportunities shared in the weekly learning plan.


  • speaks with enthusiasm about the creative math activities they have done at home.




  • shared their experiences of remote learning through a weekly journal.


  • shares their ideas during our class meetings in a video conference.


  • speaks with enthusiasm about the books they read with their family.


  • can take turns listening and speaking during our Zoom meetings.


  • has spent time each week listening to books read online.


  • listens carefully to books read aloud during our video conferences.


  • has explored and reflected on many online writing/reading learning opportunities shared in the weekly learning plan.


  • listens and reflects on the learning experiences of others online or via phone.




  • will continue to benefit from one to one support next year to be successful.


  • required ongoing individual support prior and during remote learning, to be successful.