Assessment of Remote Learning – specific to June 2020


Guidelines for Assessment and Communicating Student Learning – Elementary K-7

Guidelines for Assessment and Communicating – Secondary 8-12

Sample Comments for Learning Summaries and Report Cards

Sample Learning Summaries.

Supporting the Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies


Questions and Answers

  • I haven’t had anything turned in by a student. I do not have any additional evidence of learning since Spring Break. What do I report on? It is recommended that:
    • teachers seek advice from the School Based Team on how to approach determining the year end level of proficiency for students who have struggled to engage in learning opportunities during the suspension of in-class instruction.
    • teachers think about what evidence of learning they do have and what does it show that the student CAN do?
    • you consider what interactions you have had with this student – how much do you know about their experience during the remote learning period?


  • I have had a parent communicate that they do not want to be contacted; they are overwhelmed and would like to deal with things on their own at home. What do I report on? It is recommended that:
    • teachers seek to gather evidence of learning from the families that have chosen to direct their child’s learning on their own, in order to prepare and or co-author the final report.


  • I don’t have enough marks.
    • Think about quality over quantity. How have the students done in relation to the reduced number of learning standards explored? Use any feedback you have given them to help you.
    • at no time should any grade or proficiency scale be reduced from the previous summary due to work being completed or not completed after Spring Break.


  • I have focused on literacy and numeracy. I don’t have any evidence for the other areas of study. What do I put in for marks/proficiency scale in these areas?
    • You can roll these over from the previous report. They should not change.
    • If you are using proficiency scales with arrows you may wish to view the previous reports to compare to. See a video here to explain how to view historical reports in SSDAS.


  • As a class we have engaged in Science and Social Studies and I can reliably assign marks/proficiency scale to this learning. Can these change from the previous summary?
    • Yes. Marks/proficiency scales can increase but should not decrease based on learning after Spring Break.


  • Some of the descriptors under engagement and behaviour may not apply to remote learning situations. What do I do for these?
    • These can be rolled over from the previous report. In addition you may be able to comment in the body of the report about learning at home situations that illustrate positive engagement.


  • Are there sample comments with appropriate wording?
    • You can find some here.
    • Some of the wording on these may be appropriate to use on secondary reports