Summary of Progress (Report Card) Samples


Summary of Progress Guidelines

  • is strength based
  • is learner centered
  • includes written comments on literacy and numeracy
  • an emerging descriptor must have a corresponding written comment
  • describes in overall terms what the students know, can do and understand
  • is personalized
  • state areas for growth in a way that provides descriptive feedback that can be acted upon
  • is written in plain language
  • if a student is on an IEP it must be referenced in the comment section.

Please note:

• There are 30 lines available in the Teacher Comment section of the K-7 form. You are not obligated to fill these.

Arrow Behaviour

To provide some consistency between what you enter and what is displayed, the arrows on the entry screen snap to predetermined points. This point will be the head of the arrow. This will result in the arrow being either fully in the box or halfway between two. This also gives some flexibility while still practicing holistic assessment.