Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies


These are ideas to support the self-assessment of the Core Competencies during remote learning. It is important that these are not a checklist but rather a response, feedback, and reflect cycle on aspects of the Core Competencies that have been explicitly explored and taught.

If the student regularly engages in learning from home, could you:

  • send them a self-assessment electronically (email, O365, Microsoft Teams etc.) to fill out and return.
  • ask them some prompting questions during a conversation (phone, Zoom meeting etc.) and scribe their answers on a form.
  • invite them to respond to prompting questions or statements with picture and word evidence.

If the student has not been engaging in learning from home, could you:

  • try and reach out to have a conversation with them reflecting on their learning during this time.
  • consider using information and self-assessments that have been gathered prior to Spring Break.

Many resources are found here that can be used or adapted for this purpose.