Learning Summaries (Report Cards)


Q – Are there opportunities to support teachers writing summaries of learning?


A – Contact members of the learning team to help you. As well look at the samples posted online here.


Q – When does the mid-year summary need to go home by?


A – The mid-year summary of learning needs to go home by February 7th  although you can send these summaries home in small batches any time before this to make it less of an event and more responsive.


Q – Are there samples of summaries and where are they located?


A – Samples of learning summaries (both mid-year and year-end) are being collected and posted on this portal. Click here to find them.


Q – How do I access my SSDAS account to input information into learning summaries?


A – You can access the login page here or from the District main page. Look for the SSDAS link under the staff tab. You will need to get your login credentials from your administrator or call the help desk at 250-748-0321 ext. 217 You can also access this from within the EdInform app.


Q – Are there any tutorials on how to use the SSDAS system?


A – Yes. You can access videos here.


Q – Are there any shortcuts while entering information into SSDAS?


A – Yes. Check with your colleagues because they probably have some that will save you inputting time. When you are filling in descriptor values in a whole class view you can enter the first value and select the icon to fill the entire row or column. See a video explanation of this here.


Q – I notice some coding symbols (<b>non-fiction</b>) on the input page. Will these print on the report.


A – No. These are HTML code to print some words in bold.


Q – I am doing Form B (continuous communication) and a student comes from another school in the district partway through the year where the teacher did Form A. What do I do?


A – Form A report is printed and filed. If it is before the first report Form A teacher forwards summary data on achievement to next teacher. New teacher reassigns student report to Form B through SSDAS.


Q – Do I have to comment on all subject areas on the mid-year summary?


A – No, however a comment should be made referencing any area where the student is emerging.


Q – How and where do I communicate information about IEP goals and adapted or modified programs?


A – This should be done within the comment section. These comments must link to the IEP goals.


Q – What do I do if a parent requests letter grades?


A – It is advisable to have the conversation about what information they need first. You may be able to give them the information they are seeking without providing letter grades. If they still want them, ask which subjects they require them in and then, using your professional judgement and the provincial descriptors for letter grades, generate these for the parent. Do not feel you have to provide them immediately. This information can be given verbally or in an informal document.


Q – I notice a letter grade drop down box on the January Summary. Do I need to use this.


A – No. This is not used until the end of the year. See below.


Q – Will I need to generate letter grades at the end of the year if I am using Form B?


A – Yes. These will be entered into your final learning summary through SSDAS or EdInform but they will not show up on the form going home to parents. They will automatically be transferred to permanent records as required by the ministry.


Q – Will my administrator need to review what I am sending home on an on-going basis?


A – Yes, it is expected that administrators will review communications home from time to time. You may be asked at any given time to share samples of your communications. If you are using EdInform your administrator has access to student portfolios. If using FreshGrade you should invite them as a colleague. You can share student learning freely without advising.